I'm a recent graduate of Ecole Centrale de Nantes where I studied Computer Science and Software Engineering. Below, you'll find information on work and projects I've done, and how to contact me.

Work and Projects

PATH Travel april 2015 - september 2015

I worked on several projects as part of the front-end team

  • Building the primary website for the company
  • Working on the iOS app and prototypes for this app
  • Overhauling the passenger portal using React. Most notably, recreating a Metro inspired interface and admin interface in order to simplify CRUD operations on those tiles

Voyages-SNCF.Com (VSC) may - august 2014

I designed and implemented a SOAP client single-page application using Grails and AngularJS for a webservice used by VSC for train reservations. This web interface is used to aid in the development and test of this webservice.

École Centrale de Nantes fall 2013

I wrote a web application using PHP and MySQL. This application allows students to register for or unregister from lab sessions for the courses they are taking. I used AJAX to validate user input before confirming registration.

Debreuil Systems august 2013

I wrote several programs in C to modulate and demodulate digital information using FSK and QAM, as well as send and receive the modulated information using UDP.

Server Administration april 2013 - present

I manage a Debian server with multiple users and groups, most of whom are chrooted into a directory they can only connect to using SFTP.